Ladies!! 5 Ways To Spot A Stingy Nigerian Man

Written by PeterPiper

OK! Everyone knows its the duty of a real man to take care of his woman both emotionally and financially. No matter how broke a guy is, there must be something he should be able to do for his woman. When a man can’t give out a dime of his money to his woman, there’s no other name for that kind of a man, than ‘stingy’. As part of our responsibility to enlighten you, EazyGist has put together 5 ways to spot such men…

– If your guy always forgets his wallet or ATM card at home or always comes up with one excuse or the other not to pay for stuff, there’s only one simple way to describe your man, ‘Stingy’.

– If your guy always expects you to cook him something nice but never ‘ever’ drops money to make the food happen. We’re sorry, your guy is stingy.

– If you get on a bus with your man and when the conductor asks for money, he suddenly drops into a coma or never has change in his wallet. Oh please, he’s just stingy and cocky.

– If your man would never ever, not even for once bring up the idea of taking you to someone fancy especially on special occasions like your birthday, valentines day, anniversaries etc. This shows beyond any iota of doubt that he’s stingy.

– If your man always talks about giving you the world when he ‘blows’ but can not spare the little money he has now to support you little needs. He’s not just broke, he’s broke and stingy.

So ladies if you can relate to the above, well, the choice is yours to make…

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