Man Beats Girlfriend To Death For Visiting Him While on Her Period

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A man who got enraged after his girlfriend came to see him while on her period has shown his anger in some really evil way.
The man got really angry with his girlfriend after she visited
him while on her menstrual cycle and beat her to death.
The man beat her to death because she would not let them get intimate.

According to South Africa Latest News, the events leading to the gruesome murder suggest that the lady, Ntabiseng of Soshanguve in Pretoria visited her boyfriend, Nkululeko of Durban, some 560km away for the weekend.
However, what Ntabiseng did not tell her boyfriend was that she was having her monthly periods and therefore it meant they would not get intimate. This did not go down well with Nkululeko who grabbed a wheel spanner and struck his lady on the forehead.
She collapsed and died on the scene.
An eye witness said Nkululeko was looking forward to some quality time with Ntabiseng and had even asked his boss where he works as a mechanic for some time off that weekend.
“He even bought some V!agra and was telling us how he was going to have quality time,” a friend said. “I was shocked to hear of what had happened. Guess he snapped”
Neighbors says Nkululeko was generally a quiet nice guy and this was actually the first time they had seen him with a girl. An ambulance was called and Ntabiseng was declared dead on scene.
Police eventually arrived and arrested Nkululeko who was sobbing uncontrollably.

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