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Nigerian Teenage Girl Shares ‘After S€x’ Video & Photo, Says Her Man Made Her Night

Written by PeterPiper

This is really disheartening. This young girl who goes by the name Teddy Skitt on Facebook shared a short video earlier today. In the video, she was with a guy, both sitting on a bed and had only towels around their waists; they were both as good as Unclad. According to her bio, she lives in Port Harcourt but hails from Imo State. The young girl captioned the video: “Good morning. Boo made my night. I love u baby”. The question everyone had been asking is, “whose daughter is this girl?” This is a call to parents, please know what your children are doing behind closed doors. Only God knows what even gave such a little girl such confidence to post an “after s€x” video online while she didn’t mind if anyone is watching.  

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