7 Bad And Immature Ways You Shouldn’t Break Up With Your Partner

Written by PeterPiper

1. BY STARTING A FIGHT: Breaking up with someone by starting a fight out of the blue and using that as your exit from the relationship is never a respectful way to leave. Your partner will resent you if they find out that you manipulated them and blew up a small issue in order to end the relationship.

2. THE TRUTH IS, IT’S NOT YOU..ITS ME:This line is completely cliché and overplayed. It’s very rare that anyone will accept such an old, recycled line when being broken up with. If it really is you, explain what it is about your partner that doesn’t mesh well with your lifestyle or personality. You won’t get far by telling them what a horrible person you are and how you have problems you have to work on in order to try and deflect the situation. You will get more respect by being straightforward and honest… and respecting your partner’s feelings and experiences.


3. AFTER MAKING AN INVESTMENT:Whether you’ve just purchased a pet or put a down payment on a property together, this is never the right time to call it quits. If you know you’re unhappy in your relationship, it’s best to put off making new investments together, in case you decide you want to break up. If you’ve made the decision to move in with someone, at least give it a fair try before deciding that your relationship isn’t working out.


4. BY DISAPPEARING: Falling off the face of the earth, avoiding calls, or changing your regular routes to avoid dealing with the breakup conversation is far from classy. Your ex may even be so in the dark, that they think you’re dead or seriously hurt. Talk about leaving someone hanging!

5. VIA TEXT: This refers to e-mail messages, texting, and messaging apps. Breaking the news in such an informal way might feel easier than doing it in person, but it really makes you look immature and heartless. Do it in person, and you’ll save yourself some embarrassment and retain your integrity.

6. TELLING ANOTHER PERSON TO DO IT:Getting someone else to do your dirty work for you is really taking your asshole status to new heights. All this will do is make you look like a coward who didn’t have the courtesy to break up face-to-face.

7. VIA SOCIAL MEDIA: What could be more cowardly or superficial than finding out you’re being dumped via social media? For example, broadcasting your single status on Facebook or insulting your partner in a Twitter rant will definitely give your ex the shock factor you were going for. However, you will look like a horrible, childish person who has to break up with someone behind a screen.

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