Tips To Sustain A Long Distance Relationship

Written by PeterPiper

I must say it takes a really courageous person to stay in a long distance relationship. It comes with so many challenges, good times, bad times, fear, lonely nights, insecurities, trust issues and reasons to quit. It has actually worked for so many people, dating outside a city, state, country, region, or any form of distance.

Keeping a long distance relationship is a matter of choice, acceptance, trust and efforts. Kudos to you if you are in a long distance relationship. Here are ways to sustain your relationship regardless of the hurdles, distance, and the storms.


Maintain a regular communication, talk about things you feel should help the relationship grow. Never make the relationship boring. Get great apps for communication, preferably a video app, where you feel connected to your partner. Talk about daily happenings, involve your partner in your day-day activities. Communication keeps the relationship alive. Imagine when you have new ideas to share with your partner, it gives room for eagerness to always want to hear from your partner. According to analysis, what kills most relationships is lack of proper communication.


You should remain truthful to your partner. Make your partner aware of issue you are going through. Don’t try to handle things alone, get your partners involved in your business. Make him your best support system, be open, never give reasons to doubt your loyalty. Tell your partners everything, give details when necessary. Double dating is a NO, you can’t be in a long distance relationship and feel it’s best to cheat, it gives you divided attention, thereby, killing the vibe in the relationship.  At all levels, you should remain honest, true and faithful to your partner.


You should stay positive and believe your relationship would work. Positivity drives and keep you in a relationship. Even when you feel it’s time to quit, ensure you stay positive. Find something fascinating about the relationship to hold on to, this keep your mind at rest that all is well. It’s almost impossible holding on to something not close to you, but with a positive mind, you see reasons to stay.

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