5 things parents should stop saying to their kids

Written by PeterPiper

As parents, you are bound to get angry when your kid misbehaves. As much as you want to lash out at them, it’s advisable to watch your words as these children take in almost everything you say like a foam

Insensitive and harsh words should be avoided as much as possible. They are likely to remember this bad words the rest of their lives.

Here are a few words parents shouldn’t direct at their children:

1. I’ll rather remain childless than have a child like you: This is an example of an emotional outburst in its extreme. It’s not only hurtful but disgraceful and means you have no self control as a parent.

2. Why can’t you think properly for once: They are called children for a reason. Kids aren’t really capable of making good decisions and need a little push or shove towards the right direction. Children learn everyday and this includes making mistakes.

3. ‘I used to be more responsible when I was your age’: Comparing your children and telling them what you were capable of doing at their age would make them lose respect for you. You don’t have to rub their shortcomings in their faces and destroy their self-confidence.

4. ‘Why can’t you be more like your elder/younger sibling’: This is an unreasonable comparison. You are bound to create a rift between your children if you keep comparing one to another.

5. Leave me alone!: As much as we want to spend time alone, your kid may want to discuss something important at that same time you seek for a ‘me’ time.  Screaming at them to let you be would make them feel neglected and sad. A little patience with these little ones will do the trick.

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