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This issue has made many people lose diverse job opportunities. Many actions caused by nervousness or a sense of ‘know it all’ can make potential employers decline your application. The reason for failing job interviews does not depend only on your deficient qualification, your character and choice of words is another criterion to watch, if you are to scale through an interview. Most people put humour to their work, and forget that the tone in which they voice out words matters a lot. Well, are you tired of failing interviews? One of these outlined below has probably been your stumbling block, Seat back and read this article till the very last full stop, adjust with these points and see how your next interview takes a turn.

I’m Sorry, I’m Late: You are late to an interview? (*surprised)

I’m Nervous: This statement is not fancied by interviewers. No company wants a person who lacks self confidence. You may be nervous, it’s allowed, but don’t show that you are, and most importantly never voice it out. If you can’t hide your nervousness, I advice you practice in that department before going for an interview. In the organization I used to work, I’ve seen people shiver, shake and mutter during interviews, trust me they never get to see that office again. Treat this issue.

Please When Would This Interview Be Over? : Never give the impression of being in a hurry, you would just be simply saying to the interviewer that you have another job, and need a job with extra value. No employer accepts this. I had once been interviewed in a computer café, and at the same time trying to beat time to another organization to submit my credentials, guess what? I got neither of the jobs. In short, never put a tight schedule around your interview hours.

I and My Former Boss Didn’t Get Along Well: The kind of questions that would be thrown at you and the kind of answers you give could throw you out the door in no time. Moreover, the interviewer would think you are a pain in the Bvtt to work it.
When Are My Days Off? : If you start to make a list of this type of questions and throw it at the interviewers, you won’t even make it to the stage of submitting your passports and filling the employment, talk less about having your free time. It sends a wrong message across to the interviewer (he/she would think of you as the lazy type). Your focus should rather be to outline the measures you would take to improve the company’s productivity, even if it means working overtime. That’s what your employers expect.

I Left My Ex-company because I was poorly paid: Although this I a good reason to leave a company or organization, this issue should not be explained to the interviewer.

How Much Is My Salary: You are definitely going to get paid for your work, bringing up this issue early, sends a red signal to the interviewer. I advice you wait for this issue to be brought up by the interviewers.

I Don’t Have Much Experience: If you say this, you would be admitting that you are not worth the job. Be confident in yourself, the job you intend to have is going to be an experience, ain’t it?

I Really Need This Job: Do not send a sense of desperation to the interviewers. You should rather make them feel that the job really needs you, for what you are worth, you should get the job.

F-words: I strongly advice that you keep your lingual strictly on PG.

I Got Fired From My Ex-job: A person who says this at a job interview could as well kiss his dreams of working there goodbye. No company wants someone who was fired from a previous job.

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