We Give The Nigerian Government, 24hrs To Stop This Xenophobic Attack On Her Citizens By South Africans – Simon Oshi.

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We give the Nigerian Government, 24hrs to stop this xenophobic attack on her citizens
By South Africans Simon oshi.

The 27years old politician who was the Youngest Candidate For The House of Rep in Nigeria has condemned the killing of Nigerians in the country in a statement he released on Tuesday

“I am very sad and disappointed in the latest attack by the South Africans on Nigerians. this also points to the lack of unity and leadership by the South African and Nigerian government. As blacks, I believe we should be able to live together and relate as one irrespective of where we come from.

This is wrong and totally unacceptable, the Nigerian have to put in drastic measures and be more proactive subsequently in protecting the lives of her citizens. It is our right to freely trade and network within and out of Nigeria.
The South African Government should be ashamed of themselves for repeatedly allowing this to happen. If the government thinks less of these situations, wait until it happens to your family. I am motivated to do more than speaking but, I’ll wait and also my followers to the same and not take laws into their hands. We give the Government 2hours to put a total end to this menace.

These constant barbaric attacks shows are completely unacceptable. Both the South African and Nigerian government must take responsibilities for this assaults. I strongly condemn and stand against these attacks. As Africans, we should stand and live together as one”

The politician also adds that he expect action to be taken. this is not the time to play politics while the life and properties of its citizen are being taken away in another country.

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