A Spinster Writes Her Future Husband [MUST READ]

Dear readers, I found this interesting letter online and decided to share it with you and let us have your contributions. It’s unedited. Enjoy
Hello guys,compliments of the season to everyone,hope everyone is doing great. I’m actually feeling led to post here,though I don’t post much at all,but for some reason,I woke up this morning and was feeling abit incomplete,hence coming here to seek some advice on how to live through it all. I understand that I would get encouraging comments as well as immature and ridiculous comments,but all in all,its the grace of God that has kept us all sane and alive till date.

I never thought I’d be the lady staying calm and waiting almost endlessly for the one I would spend the rest of my life with.

the one who would one day become my husband and the father of my children.my best friend and love. 

I’m generally not the woman you would see often on d streets as I am mostly indoors,I was brought up to be around home,and as such days I have tried going out on my own hasn’t been fruitful.

I end up spending a few minutes out,then head back home,

I also have limited friends because most of the ones I call friends are away in far cities and countries. 

The few I have around are mostly all married and don’t hang out much either. 

I am a christian and have noticed that I have a thing for christian men who are filled with the word of God.

needless to say that I would eventually be gettin into ministry in my older years,and every prophetic word I have heard about my marriage has pointed to the fact that the man God has prepared for me would also most likely be in ministry and a huge God lover. 

Now the thing is where on earth is this man?

I am tired of waiting and I don’t want to make a mistake.I am in my late 20’s slowly approachin 30 soon and would like to settle within the nextone year. My family is puttin a lot of pressure on me and I am starting to crumble under the pressure of havin to remain sane while waiting for my own.

I have indeed met a lot of other men who I dare not settle with.eg party rockers,drinkers,womanizers and the rest.does it mean that all the good men are taken?

Asides waiting,I also want to feel loved,wanted and appreciated.I want him so much already.

I am a professional lady,I am yoruba,I am gentle,kind hearted and want to continue serving God. 

what can I do to remain calm? how long more would I need to wait? 

does it mean that there is no other Godly man out there?


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  • Dearest one pls Gods prophecies do nt cum instantly, bt my dear u ave to wait nd u won't regret. Do nt do somtin dat wuld hunt u fr life

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