Would You Date An HIV Positive Person? Read this Story!

Yvonne shared her true life story online. 

I actually had an ex-boyfriend who always tried to get back with me always, and I always denied him and told him no because he slept with everyone and I do mean everyone. Well he contacted AIDS from a chic he was engaged to for two years. The sad thing about it is she did not even tell him, because he always cheated on her. I guess she was paying him back. Eventually, he found out. 

 Anyway his mum and myself had become really close over all the years, best friends and when we found out he was infected she actually asked me to marry her son, because she always thought of me as a daughter-in-law and she knew I would take care of him.

She also said that I was the only woman he ever truly loved, well folks, needless to say I just could not do it, I just could not. I loved this man once and I still loved him but as a brother now because we had been apart for so long. They used my house as a “safe haven” for about three days just trying to cope with the “news” and he and I had a long, long talk about everything and I told him that I would always love him but I cannot give him the life he wants and he can’t give me the life I want.

Would you ever consider dating a person with HIV, especially someone you knew and was truly in love with only to later discover he or she is now positive? Considering the latest control measures for the disease, would you still desert the person?

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