TEARS IN THE RAIN (By Adaji, Owoicho Victor)

Written by PeterPiper

TEARS IN THE RAIN.. (An excerpt from his Work. The Cruelty of Fate)

Adaji, Victor Owoicho

The horrors of her uncle forcing himself on her, spreading her legs forcefully, tearing her panties and plunging into her unfolded gently in her mind. He would threaten to send her parking or even do worse if she ever tried to play hard. Thereafter, she would lock herself, refusing to eat anything and wishing her both parents never died in the fire disaster, wishing life gave her a fair share until the next night when the next session of the rape will be due.

Rains splashed across the floor of the veranda, Jane was folded up at the edge of the wall, cold wrenching her apart and the splashing of the rain dotted her legs with drops of water. Her stomach made sound she would have thought were from someone else if she wasn’t all by herself. Hunger dug layer after layer in stomach, her belch smelled of nothing. She had roamed helplessly all night in her torn cloths hoping someone would take her in and offer her a meal, a warm shower and a bed to sleep the ugly night away. Her face had lines of dried tears cutting across it, the horrors of the past hours lit a furnace in her and it burned from within.

This last encounter would not be forgotten in a hurry, it was a cold rainy night. Her uncle had forcefully gained access into her room as he was accustomed to doing, threatening her with the same old words and made towards her where she laid vulnerable on the bed. On seeing this, tears had formed in her eyes and rolled down her cheek gently when the room of her eyes could no longer contain them, she pleaded to be spared only for tonight. Her plea fell on her uncle’s deaf ears as he unzipped his trouser gently. He climbed over her pushing her legs apart forcefully. She struggled out of his grip and made hold of his manhood, she pulled at it with the last strength left in her. He screamed in pain and fell off the bed clutching his both hand in between his legs. She ran out in the rain only cladded in her night gown. After a long period of wondering in the rain, she had taken shelter on the veranda of a house.

After the dark night gave way for the morning light, she had walked down with her tail in between her legs to a police station down the street.

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