Photo : How Student was Killed over ‘Girlfriend with 6 Boyfriends’ in Jigawa State

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Last Friday, a 300-level English student of Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State, Bashir Musa, 26, was reported to have been killed in a fight over a girl friend in Yalwanzai area of the metropolis.
“He was so irked over the attitude of Aisha despite all that he has done for her and based on this he organized his gang to attack his rival and in the process one of them died,” said Mohammed.It was learnt that the trouble that led to his death began when his girlfriend, Aisha Saleh, a National Diploma student of Accounting department of Jigawa State Polytechnic, Dutse, alleged to befriend six others, including the deceased – all from same university – visited one of her boyfriends, Abdulnajib Ibrahim in Yalwanzai area of the state capital.

A group of five other boyfriends, including the deceased, stormed the house of Ibrahim, whom Aisha had visited, and attacked him, leading to a serious fight that resulted to the death of Musa.

However, another source alleged that the police killed the deceased while in their custody after being
tortured into a coma. That when the gang of five attacked Ibrahim, who was alleged to be cohabiting with Aisha for the last two years in his Yalwanzain residence decided to report the matter to the police, it led to the arrest of the deceased and one other person from the gang.

According to the source, the duo were tortured because they refused to disclose the whereabouts of the other three members of the gang who are still at large, and that in the process, late Musa passed on while in the police clinic where they were taken for treatment.

Daily Trust gathered that all the while Ibrahim had been with his girlfriend, he had been having quarrels with her over her other boyfriends.

Another student from the University who identified himself as Mohammed said on Saturday that late Musa was not a boyfriend to Aisha but only a member of the gang that went to Ibrahim’s house on behalf of one of them.

He added that Musa is the friend to Aisha’s boyfriend who was said to have dropped out of the university because he could not pay for his registration fees for the last academic session as he used the money in taking care of his girlfriend, Aisha.

All efforts to speak to the leadership of the Student Union Government of the university failed.

In a statement issued over the incident, the university’s registrar, Yusuf Adamu said the institution will make its position known to the public after police investigation.

When contacted, the State Police Command Spokesperson, DSP Abdul Jinjiri confirmed the incident but denied police involvement in the death of late Musa saying, investigation revealed that the deceased died after a scuffle over a girlfriend with her other boyfriends.

Explaining, Jinjiri said when the police received complain from Ibrahim that he was attacked, they discovered that one amongst the suspects, Bashir Musa was injured and took him to the police clinic where he later died as a result of the injury he sustained during the fight.

He added that investigation by the police revealed that the deceased took part alongside four others in a fight against Ibrahim where they inflicted injuries on him in the process.

On noticing the injuries sustained, Ibrahim rushed to the police to report the matter but on his way home he met the gang along the way, leading to another fight and in the process late Musa was struck with a stick on his head in retaliation, and that led to his death.

Pointing out that the investigation on the matter is being handled by the police presently, so the details of the cause of his death would be made known in due course.

The DSP also disclosed that all the suspects, including Aisha Sale, are at present in police custody undergoing interrogation.

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