Jayz is bored of his marriage to Beyonce-Body Language experts claim(Photo evidence)

So Beyonce and Jayz are currently vacationing in

Italy and she tweeted this photo. Analysts who saw

the picture have claimed Jayz is bored with his

marriage judging from the picture…

“Jay Z’s body language is unmistakable in the paparazzi photos that have been taken of the couple. His slumped shoulders and the disinterest on his face are unmistakable: Jay Z is bored in his marriage to Beyonce.
The problem is the lack of Dopamine required to infuse some spice into their marriage. In the early days of a relationships, our brains ooze Dopamine which increases the passionate intensity that we feel for our partner. But those intense feelings don’t last. And once the Dopamine is gone that’s usually when the problems begin.”

All I see is a millionaire couple chilling on a million dollar yacht.

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