‘If It Doesn’t Exist, Create It – Fadekemi Ibiwoye-Oba

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“If it doesn’t exist, create it.” words that Fadekemi Ibiwoye-Oba, co-founder of AgricNation.com lives by. Fadekemi Ibiwoye-Oba an entrepreneur by nature, she looked for opportunities within a market that wasn’t saturated and Agriculture caught her attention. She then tried to get into industry: 
“I asked around, looked online and saw that there was information but it was sparse particularly within Africa.” she said.
Fadekemi has been an international distributor first with an American based company and later with a Chinese founded company.
She’s also been a Pawnbroker and is a qualified Jewellery Repairer. Sandwiched between the last two was a private internship with a prestigious consultancy firm. A graduate of English and History at Queen Mary University. And she’s just 24. 

“I am extremely passionate about achieving my goals and dreams of becoming a serial business owner. Establishing empowering movements and organisations to name a few.”
The goal this time: To change the agricultural industry. The challenge: To make Agriculture attractive and accessible.

“I learnt from a young age that I needed more than passion. I had to get streets wise and remain book smart. Getting street wise meant actively working, seeking, networking and challenging myself. Learning from those who have achieved greatness, like Dr. AkinwumiAdesina His passion for the industry has been another motivation me”

Thankfully, Fadekemi does not have to deal with uncooperative family members and friends.

“In the beginning that wasn’t the case especially when I took a gap year after my second year of university. I went to America to work with and learn from entrepreneurs. My mum in particular wanted me to have the ‘security’ of a good job. She is so protective and although I never listened, I respected her opinions. My mum understands now, she knows that I am very determined, focused, and hardworking; she is so supportive. My dad has always pushed me to do what I have never done   before and the importance of self discipline. He wants a small personal farm in Kwara, so he is happy because he sees the vision too.”

Fadekemi’s passion fertilized by her street wisdom gave birth to AgricNation.com, a blog she started to serve the informational need for a fast growing industry. AgricNation.com is an online platform to connect the World to agriculture in Africa.  “Our aim is to provide all, the average person, whether they are farmers, investors, researchers, students or just curious; the information they need which they cannot find elsewhere, in a way that is relevant to their lives” Fadekemi said.
AgricNation is ultimately aimed at making a difference in the industry: “We are more than a blog, we are a movement. We actively seek ways to make a difference to people’s lives through legislations, volunteering, education and fundraising.”

I have been networking in the UK and Nigeria about AgricNation and I see there is a huge interest. Many people want to contribute, participate because not only do they understand the necessity of the information that AgricNation shares, but they understand the impact it will have globally.”
Fadekemi moved to Nigeria in the summer of 2015 in the hopes to make AgricNation the number one Hub for all things agriculture in Africa.
“I have done a lot, learnt so much and I know it is just the beginning,” she said.

You can connect with her via
Instagram @AgricNation
Twitter @AgricNation
Facebook: Agric Nation
Email: F.ibiwoye-oba@AgricNation.com

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