De Norsemen Kclub International join forces to fight today’s unfair world for children.

Written by PeterPiper

The first day of June is International Children’s Day. On this day that celebrates our children, the International Children’s. De Norsemen Kclub International asks you to take a moment to think about the needs and hopes of those children, particularly in the developing world, who are living with a life limiting or life threatening illness and of their families.

The world remains a deeply unfair place for the poorest and most disadvantaged children despite major advances since the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989 still children make up almost half of the world’s poor with some living with no access to adequate toilets, safe water nor electricity and nearly 250 million children live in conflict-torn countries, and over 200,000 have risked their lives this year seeking refuge in Europe. Some used as beggars, child brides, S3x slaves, forced laborers and many more.

Childhood poverty has deep and long-standing implications. Children who suffer from poverty and deprivation are more likely to experience poor health and shorter life expectancy. They are also likely to have a higher incidence of learning difficulties, truancy, exclusion from school, antisocial behaviour, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy. School holidays present an additional challenge to families when the structure, supervision and meals provided at school are no longer there. Records have shown that children from the poorest households are nearly twice as likely as those from the richest households to die before age five, and five times more likely to be out of school and girls from the poorest families are four times more likely as those from the richest families to be married before 18. These inequities fuel a vicious intergenerational cycle of poverty and disadvantage, of which this ought to be reverse it into a virtuous cycle of intergenerational progress and this is a responsibility for all of us that canbe achieved through more commitment and resources.

The Norsemen Kclub International brings together a cross-section of the world’s brightest men who share love for one another. Since its inception, DNKI has raised more than $970,000 for children in orphanage homes, prison inmates, scholarships, donation to law enforcement officers, and many more. We are the NEW way to network. Today DNKI is over 1 million members strong worldwide. From medicine and law to finance, real estate, journalism, fashion and entertainment, the group represents the vast diversity of work, life and passion in the world. We are family men and fathers who seek for the best for our children and all the children of the world.

We are with the belief that a safe school environment and the healthy development of our children can be achieved through combining our efforts and strengths. According to Mr. Akpante Marshal (Publicity Secretary for De Norsemen Kclub International) investing in children, particularly the most vulnerable, is right in principle and right in practice – and that such investment brings multiple benefits not only to children but also to their families, communities and economies.  It is therefore important to learn and to know how to react to the issues which affect childhood, growing up and development.

Happy Children’s Day!

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