Android Battery Killers: 5 Apps That Use Up Smartphone Battery

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It’s no longer a secret that some Android applications are killing your battery.
These apps keep functioning in the background constantly, even when you are not using them. They’re pinging the internet and making use of motion sensors, all of it drawing the battery’s life.
While a number of apps do this, some are far even worse than others. The major leeches are often some of the most famous apps.
We can also now single out these apps with the help of research conducted by antivirus companies Avast and AVG, and tech fanatics. Here are the worst applications that consume your battery on Android phones.
1. Snapchat

Bad news, Snapchat consumers. This is one of the most battery-hogging social media app based on every survey available. Snapchat was listed # 4 in Avast’s checklist and # 2 in AVG’s checklist. A number of users on Facebook group reported a significant battery improvement after uninstalling Snapchat.
What You Can possibly do

turn off location tracking, a major battery leech. But be warned, this also turns off geo filters, one of Snapchat’s cool latest features.
2. Tinder

Tinder improves your social lifestyle, but it also sucks the life from your battery. The app is just about finding people who are around you, so it continuously monitors your location and refreshes the internet based on that.
What You Can possibly do

Turn off the app’s background refresh so it stops functioning silently when you are not even checking it. You might also need to disable all notifications as well. This combination results in better battery performance, base on several user reports.
3. BBC News (or Any News App).

News apps are very important to stay updated, but this comes at the cost of battery life. Applications for BBC News, CNN, and even others continuously refresh in the background. Luckily, this is the easiest to deal with.
What You Can possibly do.

Get rid of the apps. Uninstall any news application you have. It offers nothing significantly much more than their mobile site. So just turn the mobile site into a Chrome-based app. It’s very easy, and it takes less space, data, and even battery.
4. Facebook and Messenger.

The biggest social media on earth is also among the biggest battery drainers. The Facebook application, and its sister application Messenger, consistently rank high in each of these reports. It’s obvious when you consider the number of Android permissions Facebook requests for.
What You Can possibly do.

Get rid of the main Messenger app and download Messenger Lite, the company’s lightweight option. Messenger Lite works with less data, resources, as well as battery. You’ll miss a few features, like video calling, but the whole experience is excellent.
5. YouTube, Netflix, and also Other Streaming Apps.

If you like to stream all your movies as well as music, then it’s only normal that those apps will use a lot of battery. Besides, they’re using either Wi-Fi or perhaps data, and when it comes to video streaming, your screen is also on throughout.
What You Can possibly do.

There’s nothing you can possibly do here since the experience demands battery usage. The very best you can hope to get is through small techniques. Such as, manually set the display screen brightness to the lowest for relaxed viewing when streaming movies, and also use wired headphones in place of Bluetooth ones.
How Is Your Battery Life?
Android phone manufacturers are increasing battery sizes in smartphones. Now you can get Android phones like Tecno L9 Plus and Gionee M6 with batteries as large as 5000 and 6000 mAh.

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