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DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Empire (Season 2, Episode 8) – “My Bad Parts”

Written by PeterPiper

fighting the female rapper for his father’s love. We know that Freda and Lucious have especially connected over gangster rap music, in a way Lucious has not connected with any of his sons, particularly Hakeem.

It appears all of the Lyon sons are favoring their mother Cookie when it comes to music. Jamal has been working with Cookie behind Lucious’ back even though he is the head of Empire records. When Lucious finds out, both he and Cookie force him to choose, Empire or Lyon Dynasty.

The rivalry between Lucious and Cookie comes to a head when Cookie bets Lucious that if Freda wins the rap battle, Lucious can have Hakeem back at Empire Records.

But Cookie must have a bigger plan as we all know she wouldn’t so easily give up one of her star performers, especially one who is her son. While it seems Cookie is love struck by her new beau Laz, when Laz has a conflict with Hakeem, Cookie foot down. Laz may realize it won’t be as easy to bamboozle Cookie and Lyon Dynasty has he thought.


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