“How My Charitable Heart Led Me To Trouble” – Mr James Allen

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Alleged molestation of siblings on the Plateau ;

‘’My gesture of benevolence and charity incurred suspicions that led to such unwarranted display of jungle justice for which I am a victim’’
For those who know Mr. Allen James, it is inherent that they understand his simplicity and benevolence especially as it regard his relationship with his neighbors, colleagues and people generally. His humility cannot be over emphasized, this good virtue and gesture has indeed landed him into trouble as though it is bad to be good…

It is within the public domain especially the social media that the said Mr. Allen lured two siblings with bobo and biscuits just to sexually harass them, the said publication which was insighted and instigated by a lady called ‘’Jemimah”, was at the time of such an unfounded publication being investigated by the Nigeria police, and the said Mr. Allen who do not have an opportunity to tell his own side of the story to the public became a victim of such social media malady.

It all started with the usual natural gesture and benevolence for which Mr. Allen is known for which includes his charitable mindset for children, colleagues and neighbors, wherein every one close to such a philanthropist has been a subject of his benevolence. When he newly relocated to a rented apartment in rayfield Jos, same acts was not withdrawn as children and adults come to him for assistance. Some come to assist him with house chores each time Mr. Allen returns from work just to attract his gift, including the alleged victim.

On this fateful day, Mr. Allen who has been ill got back from work as usual, and two siblings who live within the neighborhood in their usual manner came around to inquire if Mr. Allen had any chores for them, while the first was knocking at Mr. Allen’s door, the second was called upon by one Jemimah,she was confronting her as to what they were always coming around Mr. Allen for, on insisting that they were only coming to assist him with chores, the said Jemimah pounced on her and started beating her up, “asking her to confess”, when Mr. Allen heard someone crying, he immediately went out to ask what the problems was, it was at this point Jemimah alongside others who were attracted by the beating, transferred aggression to Mr. Allen, tore his clothes and started beating him up. This attracted the neighborhood, especially boys on the street, who upon hearing Jemimah’s story, picked up sticks, belt and started beating up Mr. Allen, they asked him to lie on the floor and snapped him until a police officer came around and rescued Mr. Allen to a nearby police station, while the police was investigating the said allegation, Jemimah had infested the entire social media space with such unfounded claims and stories.
The question now is what prompted the said Jemimah to act in the manner she did? What did she intend to achieve by her actions?
Well the matter is still lis pendis so expressions are limited.

It is however most paramount to state that the use of social media platform is not to publicize unfounded news or defame any one, as same is actionable. Mr. Allen is an astute gentleman whose benevolence cannot be over emphasized, being a man who has built his fame and pedigree over the years, he cannot seat and fold his arms while those with unknown evil intentions deliberately drag such reputation to the mud, time shall unravel this mystery.
He therefore unequivocally reinstate his innocent and accordingly desire to say no further as the matter is lis pendis.

God Bless.

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