Beware: Don’t take this Telephone Calls and Text Messages in Lagos

Written by PeterPiper
Scam Alert

Scam Alert

Lagos is a city where virtually everything is possible, and  this is due to the dynamic nature of its residents.

Some fraudsters use call and messages to scam unsuspecting victims

To survive in Lagos, one really needs to be smart, as the city is filled with both saints and sinners.

Many people in Lagos will go to any length to make it, they will do anything to meet up the demands of this city which tests every individual’s resolve.

One extreme to which certain people have gone to make it in Nigeria’s number-one business hub is telecommunications fraud.

In an attempt to stop more people falling victim, we at have undertaken the task of investigating telephone crimes in Lagos.

Here are five calls/texts which you must never reply as a resident in Lagos.

1. Prize scam

Beware when they text or call saying you have won a large prize, especially when you did not apply for any.

It becomes more obvious when they asked you to pay a processing fee or call a premium rate line to claim your prize.

2. Bank account problems

You must becareful with those you divulge certain personal information, especially when it is financial.

In Lagos you could either be called or texted from a supposed bank official, claiming that you have a problem with your account.

The official is eventually going to request for security details including the pin to your ATM-card.

3. Job Alert

There are so many desperate people who must have come to Lagos with the hopes that there’s a job waiting on arrival.

However, you must be cautious as not to be made prey by fraudsters who are ready to cash-in on your desperation.

When they tell you that you have passed the first phase in your quest for a job, and need some money to push to the next stage, know that you are about to be led as sheep to the slaughter.

4. Download app

You presume that the text is just urging you to download a common app or perhaps trying to inform you that of a virus on your computer.

They get to ask you for the password your system, and the moment you give them, you can be sure that you have been hacked and your safety cannot be assured anymore.

5.  Wrong NumbeThis is the most common, those who use this trick are likely to say you flashed them with your number.

At other times they will hide their numbers or used very strange numbers to reach you.

It is mostly used by those who do love scams, so ladies are the likely targets.

Perhaps you should establish a policy of not answering strange calls, or ending the calls if you can’t establish the identity of the caller in say two-minutes.

Like they say in Lagos, you must “Shine your eye” , don’t fall victim to these pranksters

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