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This Nollywood “Spider Girl” Trailer Will Shock You (Watch)

Written by PeterPiper

Nollywood’s adaptation of Spiderman titled ‘Spider Girl’ is well on its way to winning awards for the worst effects, storyline and basically everything.

The YouTube page of the studio responsible for the movie posted the synopsis as thus,

The Official Trailer of the latest Nigerian Movie, Spider girl, Spider girl is all about kids that went for excursion, then things went wrong and the Amazing spider gift was giving to Ann whom has been the outcast, then she was the saviour, kindly watch out for the movie

The effects are extremely cringeworthy with paper mache glued on the face of the female protagonist to represent a facial scar, dancing Shakiti Bobo in the middle of the trailer all of a sudden, visual effects of the worst kind seen in the movie industry worldwide, etc.

This movie is definitely going to be a viral success.


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