Funny!! How To Have Your Bath During Harmattan

Having your early morning bath may be difficult especially during the harmattan due to the extremely cold weather. But here are easy steps for to have your bath as illustrated in the image Above.
1. Check the temperature of the water from the shower to know what you’re in for. Water temperature may be close to 0 degree Celsius
2. Oya double check with your leg so your hand doesn’t deceive you
3. Now stick your head out and gently into the running shower just for 2 seconds. You know why? So your brain doesn’t freeze out
4. Now apply soap, sponge and what not to your hair
5. Repeat step 3 again to wash/rinse your hair
6. Now try to wash the rest of the body all in 5 seconds. Then you’re good to go.
Try it. Thank me later

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