Why a combination of S3x and alcohol doesn’t fit well with women

Written by PeterPiper

A new study has revealed that if a young woman’s first S3xual experience involves alcohol, there’s a high chance she’ll be at risk of being S3xually assaulted in the future.

In a relationship study was carried out by a senior research scientist at the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions (RIA), Jennifer A. Livingston, PhD.

About 228 women between ages 18 to 20 were asked about their S3xual experiences and drinking habits. The study put the average drinking age at 14 and the average age for first S3xual experience at 16.

It was found out that most women whose S3xual experiences included alcohol said the first time was less planned, less desired, negative and was more of a ‘hook-up’ than a real relationship. While other women who didn’t use alcohol said their first time was more romantic and positive.

“Drinking to intoxication places adolescent females at increased risk through exposure to high-risk S3xual partners found in drinking contexts such as parties. These partners may be significantly older, more aggressive, not well-known or substance users themselves.”

“Over time, these young women continued to use alcohol in conjunction with S3x, which further exposed them to high-risk partners. In these contexts, there is less discussion of birth control and greater risk of S3xually transmitted diseases, S3xual assault and unintended pregnancy,”  Livingston says.

Some young women in the alcohol-involved S3x group said some disturbing things, most of them saying they never gave their consent which means they were raped. And this pattern kept repeating itself in the lives of these women.

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