MUSIC/LYRICS: Milidime – Skelewu

Davido finally teams up with Milidime to give a Hardc0re rap version of his monster hit #Skelewu…..
Milidime a graduate of nuclear physics and the CEO/PRESIDENT of XPLICIT GENERATION who has started making waves in the East, West and Middle belt of Nigeria and a couple of foreign countries hails from the Middle belt of the country.
He is set to start dropping singles off his the “YEAR OF THE LORD’S” album. He kicks off the year by teaming up with Davido to give a rap version of Skelewu and his performance on this track is just a tip of the ice berg.
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Its milidime droppin da vibez like a virus,
when it comes to feedin on rappas am voracious.
Call 911 cuz am about to wreck havoc,
we de like the truth N!gga u cannot cage us.
Dats why they fear us,
we r so #XPLICIT so we steady be a menance,
got da government imposing states of emergency
cuz we gat d whole city panicking,
gat da baddest & da best in da hood vanishing
cuz we r da worst.
When we blew up we blew out of proportion,
punchlines causing dislocations and fractures,
am on point like decimals da rest r just fractions,
heard u buried d hatchet,
i came for ressurection.
I be dat monster who ate da beast,
da N!gga dat went to hell & threw a feast,
gat an affliation with victory,
so i look up to d sky & i punch a fist to it.
#Okwo mma aputago kwa na ogbor,
ma mmuo ma mmadu ana agba oso,
i see people wey wan beef me,
mu na ama osu,
abeg my bros beef no b by force.
And i know y’all still feelin me,
forget about those who be pretending
cuz i b burstin their heads internally,
as u can see i gat their noses bleedin.
They say dat da sky is da limit,
but d sky says MILI is da limit to it,
as i lookt @mysef,
i see no limit to me,
take ovadoses of me,
pay d rehab a visit,
but u still cannot flush me out of d system,

Make una bring TOM CRUISE on my case,
d mission to get me is still gonna b impossible,
cuz i be steady kickin arses like d SUPER & d FLYIN EAGLES of NIGERIA.
Trampling on any & everytin dat gets in d way na we be da GIANT of AFRICA,
i got stones in my pockets for any giant other dan me must b a GOLIATH.
Lyrical DAVID am like DAVIDO.
SHIZIE gat dis #skelewu beat f**kin wit my libido,
am on my period so i bloody flooow,
so tey dem hala say NA U BIKO.
Omo na so? Omo na sooo,
cuz when i 1st come dem been think say i dey joke,
but then i started crackin their heads like a joke,
dey got on their feet & dey threw their hands up for me.
They said follow ur leaders but then they followed me,
i keep doin wat i do,
dey wana kip doin wat i did so u better neva even think of steppin up to me
cuz even if u shine like d sun go still be ur ECLIPSE!!!!

Here comes da beast..Rrrrrraaaaaa!!!!
Tha monster has been starvin
so i stoppt by da industry so i could feed,
but dis rappas don lean,
i swear dem too skinny for MILI to eat,
so i withdrew to my cave,
brought out me lighter & sparked up me weed,
feel free to hook up & puff it with me.
There has to be war for there to be peace.
Everyrin gat its own time & season,
dats why MILI is busy murdering tinz,
no mercy in my eyes,
whether for GALALA or HIP HOP da boi is still reppin..

Mak City iRep!!!! H316, eye6one, S2DB, Biggie Brown, JuliJacz, McSmart, Dj Ash, Tony, Kastro, Matrix, Soulz Mayne, TkSwagg, NoobVee ah c yuh, SK Boiz & all of yuh I ddnt hala @ ah still c y’all mayne.


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