“They call me baba go slow, but I will go slow and steady – Buhari

Written by PeterPiper

Since becoming Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari has suffered several criticism over his style of leadership and the state of the economy but he said he remains unperturbed and will continue his fight against corruption.

During a press conference after the India-Africa Summit, which took place in New Delhi, Mr Buhari called on Nigerians, who are not corruptly enriching themselves with public funds, not to be afraid of the fight against corruption but rather encourage him to get whoever had compromised his position and the trust given to him.

Buhari said he remained resolute in the fight against corruption and would love to be remembered for that.

“If they are not involved in corruption they won’t mind they would encourage us to get whoever compromise his position in the trust being given on to him,” he said of his critics. “I see it in the papers watch it on screen but I have never lost a sleep on it because those that are not corrupt should even encourage us to do more.

“Those three interested in the safety of those that have abused trust in the country office will go to any length including bribing people to give false information and so on.”

President Buhari said he is not being selective in his corruption fight. But noted that “whoever is caught the document use in incriminating him or her will be used to prosecute him for Nigerian to know that he has abused trust.

“They call me baba go slow, but I will go slow and steady,” Buhari said.

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