Shocking; How Comrade James Oche intends to reward PDP for the sabotage

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Shocking; How Comrade James Oche intends to reward PDP for the sabotage.

Dear Compatriots,

It is with love that I send my warm greetings to you all this new year. I want to seize this opportunity to thank the youths of Benue State particularly Benue South Senatorial District for their unalloyed support overtime.

It is well appreciated, I also consider it a privilege to be honoured as one of the leaders of the teeming youths of Benue, not minding my inadequacies as a human.

I contested keenly for the People’s Democratic Party Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo Federal Constituency ticket in the primaries of October 2018, an ambition that became a rallying point for the youths in Benue State, especially my constituency.

We were coasting to victory till, political expediency came into play.

It became a point of honor for us to lay down our ambition to work for the bigger picture; in the greater interest of the party.

We were at a crossroad, loyalty was put to the stiffest test and again we proved ourselves to be 100 percent loyal- we laid down our ambition for greater successes ahead.

It was very difficult I must confess, but nonetheless i did, and stood by the party.

During this period and on the few intervening months since, I have learnt so much about this leadership recruitment process I have been so enthusiastic about.

Without equanimity or hulabaloo, or even horse trading, I accepted my fate in peace and moved on.

If I was to exhibit one of the most common traits of Nigerian politicians, the next step would have been to decamp as many people in opposing camp tried to get me to do.

That I never contemplated and I told everyone point blank that party is supreme.

Because of my ideology as a consumate and erudite politician, i stayed the course.

Sequel to the upcoming election, I feel it has become very imperative to make my position known.

At this juncture, I am appealing to my teeming supporters to support the only party I have ever belonged to, the party of my youth , The People’s Democratic Party.

In the coming days I shall be deploying all my political arsenal to ensure that the PDP emerges victorious in the different positions she has filled in candidates for.

I have already been mobilizing my supporters to all our rallies zonewide and call on all others far and near to stay the course and remain resolute till the final vote is counted after the last election on March 2, 2019.

We are known for our honour, committment, Sacrifice, passion and loyalty for the PDP.

This has not changed and this will never change.

Thank you and God Bless

PDP Power to the People!

Comrade James Ogaba Oche
Akpalla 1

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