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Cyber pseudonymity, internet impersonation or catfishing is the new age phenomenon of using aliases and nom de plumes to write falsehood or post libelous materials  about others while hiding under the security of false identities on the internet.
This malady has become the stock in trade of many young people and even older ones within our political space, who wish to bully, deceive and or cause disaffection by stirring up negative sentiment within a united camp.
 Several politicians and public figures have borne the brunt of these mischief makers in recent times and nowhere is this scourge more prevalent than in our Benue NorthWest Senatorial Zone.
So it was not surprising in the least when a faceless group with the name Idoma Vanguard, concocted a meeting they purported to have held with one of our leaders, Comrade Abba Patrick Moro at his residence, whose outcome, they made public in a release.
In the said badly written release, the promoters told their gullible followings that Comrade Abba Moro called on the entire Idoma Nation to prevail on Senator David Mark to live up to the responsibility of being a senator of the Benue South Senatorial District (whatever that means).
They went on to say that Abba told them it was regrettable that Sen. Mark has not contributed to any issue on the floor of the senate since he was reelected in February this year so the youths should campaign vigorously for any Idoma candidate come 2019.
Ordinarily, we we would not join issues with these faceless miscreants, but as it so happened, when this news broke, we were with Comrade Abba Moro and his consternation at such falsehood was only surpassed by his outright indignation.
 Let it be known that Abba never held any meeting with any group, or people whatsoever over the weekend and certainly never said anything to such proportions.
Abba remains a strong  Senator Mark ally and supporter, and would never say anything to malign or impugn the person or office of the distinguished Senator.

Abba would also want these traducers to know that the  work of a distinguished senator cuts across oversight, legislation and representation and Senator Mark has never been found wanting.
It is the vote of confidence in his representation that was re affirmed in the 2016 re run election where state machinery and all the apparatus of power couldn’t conquer the will of the people.

Unscrupulous elements masquerading under various names  like the Idoma Vanguard, and their spurious rhetoric cannot influence the or turn the minds of the people, nor can their overwrought narrative of seeming indifference of Senator Mark subtract from his legacy.
The people are wiser now, and they showed their love for the Senator during the last elections when, anyone can argue he was now an opposition figure. Groups like Idoma Vanguard (if they exist) should engage themselves in more serious ventures of people and community development and should desist from mudslinging, outright peddling of lies and character assassination.
We are in direct contact with Abba and we wish to restate for the umpteenth time that Abba remains a key figure in the David Mark machinery and this is not about to change anytime .
He remains commiteed to the ideals of the Idoma Nation and would never betray this for a pot of porridge by attacking his own leader or joining the bandwagon of journey men who have jumped ship looking for rehabilitation.
Let this be known to all and sundry.
 While Abba may himself offer a rebuttal to these faceless and dubious characters, it is doubtful as we would not even advice him to drop to the level of responding to these low life internet millipedes (with apologies to Wole Soyinka).
 Thank you and remain blessed as equal partners in Project Nigeria and the Idoma Nation.

Comrade James Ogaba Oche 



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