Panic As “Boko Haram” Writes To Public Schools In Lagos

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Despite assurances from the Nigerian Army that Boko Haram was not planning any attack in the South West of Nigeria,  Education authorities in Lagos state have directed schools not to hold normal early morning assembly sessions, because of fear of attacks by Boko Haram terrorists.

On Friday 13-11-2015, there was palpable fear in schools around Okota and Ejigbo as news went round that Boko Haram sent letters to some schools not to open for academic activities. This  rumor led to panic among students and teachers.

‘’Since the start of this semester, we have not been holding morning assemblies. It is now done in the classrooms. Our principal told teachers that it was because Boko Haram was targeting public gatherings, which includes pupils for morning assembly” said a teacher.

Teachers also confirmed that school gates are now closely monitored while parents and visitors are screened before being allowed in, all in attempt to avert any possible attack by Terrorists. A public school in Okota area was thrown into confusion when information spread round that a letter from Boko Haram was received by the school authority.

“The situation in my school is one of fear and apprehension. The principal and teachers have taken extra measures because of the fear of the insurgents attacking schools during morning assembly” said a teacher in one of the public schools around Ejigbo area.

Academic activities in the school were hurriedly brought to an end while some parents rushed to pick their wards.  Security personnel were later deployed to the school.

Source: BreakingTimes

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