Nigeria Police Detained MD, Collected N500K Bail (See)

A Managing Director in the Lekki area of Lagos, Mr. Abiye Karibi-Whyte, has petitioned the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos, to investigate his alleged abduction by the police and the N500,000 that was paid for his bail.
PUNCH Metro learnt that Karibi-Whyte, who alleged that he was apprehended by the police in the Lekki area for no justifiable reason, said he was taken to Awka, Anambra State, and detained for three days.
He added that he was made to pay N500,000 before he could secure his bail.
Our correspondent gathered that on Tuesday, April 28, Karibi-Whyte was called on the telephone to pick up a parcel in the Lekki area. However, it was learnt that when he got to the location, some policemen whisked him away after allegedly torturing him.
In the petition, dated May 6, Karibi-Whyte described the treatment he received from the policemen as harsh, adding that it made him felt that they were kidnappers.
He said, 
“At about 5.30pm, I was called to pick up a DHL parcel by a caller whose phone number was 08178115226. However, when I got to the place, I was met by a man known as Jagaban, who introduced himself as a policeman. He slapped me and accused me of being a ritual killer.
“Two other armed men joined him and they beat me up. 
They handcuffed me and threw me in the back of my car with my driver. I kept asking them what I had done, but they told me to shut up. At a point, I was terrified as I was no longer sure they were policemen.
“They said they were heading for Ikeja. Later, I was told that I was not actually the one they were looking for and that they would let me go if I took them to a certain individual called Dapo Balogun, who was a man I knew.
“After passing the night in a cell, the policemen took me round Lagos the following day to find Balogun. I was given no access to my friends or family to know my whereabouts. Later that day they used my phone to call one of my friends, Yemi, who was picked up in the same manner.”
Our correspondent learnt that Balogun was later arrested by the operatives on that day, after raiding his residence.
Karibi-Whyte said after the police had apprehended the suspect, they still detained him and transferred him to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Awka, Anambra State.
He said,
 “At about 3am on the third day, Dapo Balogun, six of his friends, Yemi, my driver and I were put into vehicles and taken to Awka, Anambra State.
“On April 30, we arrived in Awka, and thereafter, I was asked by the police team leader how much I was willing to pay to be released. I told him I had no money. He said if I could pay N500,000, he would let me go. He allowed me to reach my family on the telephone and they sent the money to the police.”
Our correspondent learnt that the family paid into an Ecobank account number 0672010144.
“The account number belonged to one Okafor Ikechukwu. I was asked to sign a bail bond after the payment and I was released. My car, however, remained detained at the police command.
“My three-day abduction has caused severe shock and distress to my family and friends. The policemen subjected me to torture. Please, kindly investigate this matter and bring the culprits to book,” Karibi-Whyte added.
The Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Uche Eze, said Karibi-Whyte should make a formal report to the state Commissioner of Police.
He said,
 “I have not heard of any report of such. If the complainant is very sure of what he is saying, let him write a petition to the Commissioner of Police or to the Police Public Relations’ office. I promise you that we will look into it.”
Source: The Punch 

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