Lawmakers Probe Abduction, Forceful Marriage Of 14-Year-Old, Habiba Isa

Written by PeterPiper

The House of Repre­sentatives on Tuesday mandated its committees on Human Rights and Women Af­fairs to investigate the alleged abduction and forceful marriage of 14-year-old, Habiba Isa.

This was followed by a motion under matter of urgent public importance moved by Hon Raphael Igbokwe.

The lawmaker expressed concern on the abduc­tion of the teenage girl, noting that Nigeria is a circular state and sig­natory to both the UN and African Charter on Right and Welfare of the child.

Hon Igbokwe pointed out that Section 21 of the Child Rights Act pro­hibits the marriage of a minor and any marriage so contracted “is null and void and of no effect whatsoever.”

He added that Sec­tion 27 of the Child Rights Act stipulate that “no person shall remove or take a child out of the custody or protection of his father or mother or guardian against the will of the father, mother or guardian.”

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