It’s Youth O’clock In Imo State As Uche Nwosu Edges Over Other Candidates

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The Imo state indigenes have been empowered by Uche Nwosu as they have achieved what every state has long been fighting against. The excesses and influences of political parties in the gubernatorial elections, thereby determining to a large extent, the person to win the election.

It appears that social media polls are no longer enough as Ugwumba breaks the streak of the ruling parties seeming domination over Imo state by showing them a new path of civil liberty other than the corrupt ridden people’s Democratic Party (PDP) or the controversial All Progressive Congress (APC).
The cheap propagandas and allegations about Ugwumba’s withdrawal from the gubernatorial political race sown in the media was a complete smoke without fire. It’s a sign of the recognition that Ugwumba is a formidable opponent because of his wide acceptance by his people.

He however, dismissed those claims and restored the confidence of his supporters as he called it a careless, cheap threat and a sign of jittery purported by his political opponents as a tool to open holes and drag his good reputation in the mud using the media.

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Imo state gubernatorial campaign with Ugwumba in picture has shown that democracy is gradually being restored in the state and the country at large. There have been high alertness and awareness about who to support and consequently who to vote for in the upcoming Imo state election.

Ugwumba has become the eye opener of the youth and the masses that has shown them the power of their vote and the relevance of supporting good government.

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