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Amidst the conundrum of noises and cacophony of voices denouncing the so called Igbo political elites’ apathy towards forming consensus fronts and/or present candidate(s), and the perceived disunited front the South Eastern geo-political zone are said to present whenever the onus falls on the zone to bring forth a representative or common front in the national discuss and elections; Dr. Benard Oshi, the President of Igbo Indigenes Without Borders has risen to the defense of Ndi Igbo.

In a press statement which was signed by him and made available to our correspondent, Dr. Oshi challenged those he called the traducers of his people to “walk a mile in the shoes of Ndi Igbo, feel their pulses, their collective disappointment in the Nigerian polity, their pains, their strives and survival instincts before drawing their conclusions!”

Making a case for the integrity of some prominent Igbo political and business leaders, he averred that “the nation Nigeria needs the ingenuity and managerial genius of an Igbo President if the nation hopes to be taken serous as a top player in the International community anytime soon.”  

Pointing out what he termed the “tenacity, doggedness and superior political acumen of the Deputy Senate President Dr. Ike Ekweremadu, despite all the travails he has been put through as an example of the Igbo man’s tenacious pattern of creating and nurturing building blocks for a better tomorrow, Oshi decried what he called “a systematic application of the maxim of ‘giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it’!”

Bemoaning the dearth of credible and service driven leadership in the country, Dr. Oshi who is also the Chairman of Ben 10 Equipments and Ben 10 Entertainment Inc. canvassed for the enthronement of purposeful individuals with vision to pilot the affairs of the nation. Drawing a comparison between Nigeria and other developing countries that had their independence around the same period as Nigeria, he queried our “resolve as a people desirous of good governance, yet unable to stand up and speak out against the almost comatose state of our economy and the mis-governance of a few against the collective will of all!”  

A well known believer and advocate for good governance, the Ani nri, Enugu State born philanthropist posited that “Igbo leaders in the mould of Ike Ekweremadu, the Ike Oha Ndi Igbo, should be encouraged, emboldened and given all necessary support they need so as to rescue the sinking Nigerian ship from the misdirection of the unqualified captains currently piloting the ship to damnation!”

“Having Ike Oha at the top echelon of governance is not just going to be in the best interest of the Igbo race in particular (as a credible and trustworthy son), it will also immensely benefit Nigeria as what Ekweremadu brings to the table will definitely change the way we view and do things, for the better. I have known and watched him closely and can attest to his capabilities as a leader and lover of his people and the nation Nigeria, he opined.”

In conclusion, Dr. Oshi called on well meaning Igbo indigenes to get their PVCs and get ready to vote wisely with the overall benefit of Igbo Land at the backs of their minds, while promising to galvanize the entire members of Ndi Igbo Without Borders to do same.

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