De Norsemen Kclub congratulate Nigerians on Democracy Day

Written by PeterPiper

De Norsemen Kclub International wishes to congratulate the government and Nigerians as there mark this year’s Democracy Day. Though the road ahead is still choked with the debris of problems left too long unattended but we are optimistic of an historic beginning of social growth and an economy that rewards not just wealth, but the work and workers who created it. 

The Norsemen Kclub International brings together a cross-section of the world’s brightest men who share love for one another. Since its inception, DNKI has raised more than $970,000 for children in orphanage homes, prison inmates, scholarships, donation to law enforcement officers, and many more. We are the NEW way to network. Today DNKI is over 1 million members strong worldwide. From medicine and law to finance, real estate, journalism, fashion and entertainment, the group represents the vast diversity of work, life and passion in the world. We are family men, fathers, patriotic and model citizens.

According to Mr. Akpante Marshal (Publicity Secretary of De Norsemen Kclub International) the benefits of democracy can only reach the people when resources are prudently managed. Development in Nigeria can be enhanced only by democratic principles of choice, accountability, free speech, press freedom and citizens’ right to information.

This year’s Democracy day should be a reminder to every Nigerian that Democracy can only make meaning in lives if and when “the people” understand the powers there have to demand accountability, due process and transparency in managing revenues from the abundant extractive resources. We therefore call for deliberate measures to strengthen all anti-corruption agencies with necessary capacity, legal framework, resources and political will. 

With this De Norsemen Kclub International renews its  appeal  to  all Nigerians especially the media and  civil society  to keep faith with our country on issues  that will unite  the nation, and deepen its democracy  to deliver  peace, social justice, development  and prosperity to everyone bearing in mind that the path taken to come to this moment of freedom has not been one of easy victory or swift progress, its being one stocked with sacrifices even from our Nigerians of many years back, therefore it deserves to be celebrated in every circumstance. I urge Nigerians to support their leaders, reject ethnic or religious bigotry, and embrace the spirit of love, responsibility and patriotism to fellow Nigerians.

The issues that confront the nation are deep and complex. They are not susceptible to facile solution or inattention.  Wise and sound policy is within capacity. But, must be backed with the wil to accomplish it for If both the governed and government work in league, there is nothing impossible for any nation to overcome.

Our prayers is that let this Democracy Day bring forth prove to every Nigerian that democracy is not a shallow ritual but a living truth designed for all.

 Congratulations Nigerians! Happy Democracy!

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