Benue Council Election: “Ado Is Possible” From James Oche Campaign Organisation

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2         Greetings to all Ado people of Benue State, my friends and well wishers across the globe. I am James Ogaba Oche, a native of Ikpilogwu in Osiroko clan of Apa in Agila district of Ado Local Government Area.

3         I love Ado so much. My parents and wife are from there. I carry an indelible Ado identity.

4         We have had a political drive since the beginning of this political dispensation to change our political community – Ado for the better. I salute all past Ado leaders for their immense work at developing the area. They did their very best in very difficult times.

5         No doubt, Ado L.G.A. has had their fair share of great and difficult times. The most unmemorable being the period of almost a decade of the reduction of much of our communities to needless trado- political upheavals that claimed several lives for positions that were historically meant to promote our cultural-identity instead of the very lives that should trans-generationally learn and love it.

6         In spite of the fact that I am a full Adoman by origin and marriage, I do not believe that my ‘Adoness’ is only genuine, if it has to reduce another Ado man / woman, or take their lives. With all sense of modesty, my training, Christianity and the age of my prime, the 21st century abhors that.

7         While I admit that all previous local administrations in Ado L.G.A. have tried their best to improve our communities, I still think that much needs to be done to put in place modern community advancement policies for the good of our people.

8         It is the need for the above desire and in tandem with the now overarching demands of our people for true local community political leadership that we have decided to run for the chairmanship position of AdoL.G.C. in the forthcoming election. I have used ‘we’ here because beyond my personal ambition to serve, the push to heed this pledge has been the most overwhelming call from my community. I salute them.

9         Therefore, we have come to this point where I have accepted to run. With all firmness and deep reflection of what urgently needs to be done, I have come up with a thematic policy framework tagged ‘Ado Reclamation Project’. The fulcrum of the policy is to reclaim Ado from ruins to its original intended place of pride. They include:

10        To apply historically tested arbitration methods to terminate trado – political divisions / cleavages that has held us down for years;

11         To in collaboration with the state government and other involved businesses, undertake buy-out clauses and other settlement pursuits, reenact the Igumalecement factory on a solid Public Private Partnership (PPP) platform that will be economically viable to all with a view to escalating the economy of our people;

12        To map out and build a new Ado city on the fringes of the Uffia land bordering Otukpo L.G.A. on the state road to open our frontiers to the fast developing area of the latter. This enterprise shall be undertaken with modern infrastructure components with the complete involvement of the Uffiatraditional communities;

13         Undertake an infrastructure collaboration with a major Nigerian construction firm on the dual component of corporate social responsibility and public private partnership  (PPP) with a statutory irrevocable standing order deduction from our federal subvention to construct the long range road leading from Igumale, throughAgila , Ulayi & Ijigban to the neighboring states for high economic opening up of our communities;

14         The introduction of soft grant loans guaranteed by the L.G.C. from reputable microfinance agencies to improve local agro-businesses and other ventures ;

15         Generate a community inclusive security network of a standardized vigilante system with modern communications equipment and empowerment package to reverse the incessant community prone crises in our shared local government;

16         Establishment of a multiple institutional cooperative health-care system that will enable 3 model health care centres to address our health challenges. The collaborating institutions include, the NYSC to routinely provide 6 medical doctor corps’ members with 10 ancillary health experts; and support from other international agencies for free drugs supply; and

17         To establish a strong scholarship scheme to support our teeming secondary and tertiary students with L.G.C.’s mobilized support from wealthy Ado indigenes.

18     I therefore implore all well-meaning Adopeople of all political persuasions to support and help me realize this goal through the Peoples’ Democratic Party, (PDP). Please come with me.

Comrade James Oche

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