Army Officer faces jail for going to Court

Written by PeterPiper

Major E. S. Okore of the Nigerian army was wrongly retired by the army. He went to National Industrial Court to right the wrong meted out to him. 

The army acknowledged its mistake and reversed the notification of retirement with a promise to the officer that no punitive sanction will be carried out against him. 

Unfortunately the same elements in the army that instigated his untimely retirement surreptitiously smuggled his name into a Court Martial to be sent to jail just for seeking redress in a Court of law. Nigerians are of the opinion that this trial will create a bad precedent and encourage officers and soldiers of the Nigerian Army to lose faith in following laid down process to seek redress when their rights are trampled upon and resort to self help. In this era of international terrorism, it will be dangerous to encourage men who bear arms to resort to self help.

So Nigerians are unanimously saying no to this trial and are asking the appropriate authorities to investigate the bad elements in the army that are victimizing  the officers and soldiers who seek their rights legally.

Major Okore, who was involved in a ghastly accident while guarding the President is facing possible amputation of his leg because the same elements in the army truncated his treatment in the hospital against the advice of his doctors to forcefully bring him to Court Martial. 

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