An Open Letter To Benue State Governor: Chief Samuel Ortom – By Oriri Peter

Written by PeterPiper


Sir, I want to specially congratulate your party at the state level and also at the national level for the new members who are accepted from the peoples Democratic Party. (PDP) Yesterday.
It is no doubt that since the perception arouse during your campaign after our president elect Muhammed Buhari was declared winner in the March 28th general election.
Several members of the people’s Democratic Party (PDP) decamp to your party APC.
This was not as a result of the people’s love for your party neither your person as the candidature of the All Progressive Congress APC, but as a result of finding a political place to belong.
As a social scientist and a humanist by training, sir I want to inform you that if the President of the Country or a state governor which you are today emerges from People’s Democratic Party, Labour Party, APGA and any other parties respectively, the same people who are decamping to your train will also decamp to any of these party mentioned above without rethink just to gain favour or gain recognition. It is believed that those decamping from the people’s Democratic Party since you assume office has as well benefited from the party in several ways either as a minister, commissioner, permanent secretary, chairman board of directors, and several others and even given the opportunity to contest for one executive position or the other, today same people turn their back on the party, which is the highest form of betrayal and insincerity.
As a result, we are experiencing several decampees from the People’s Democratic Party today to your party APC not for economic development, youth development, social development, respectively but to safeguard their home and properties from the witch hunt of the EFCC.
Therefore I hereby suggest that a serious check and balances should be conducted on these people so as to save guard the state from further economic down fall.
Thanks for acknowledging my advice your excellency.
Long live My Governor
Long live Benue state Government
Long live Benue Citizens.

Office of the Citizen of Benue State.
Comrade Oriri Peter.

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