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Although it is only a third of a state, the politics of the Benue South Senatorial District has suddenly emerged as a central focus in Nigeria of today. This is primarily because of the peoples’ interest in what would become of the political future of former Senate President, David Mark, after the forthcoming rerun senatorial election.

Following the awesome influence he wielded nationally during the long years he was in office as Senate President, there is great uneasiness amongst his supporters in Benue that the nullification of his election and the rerun may mark the end of his political dominance in the North-Central state.

The apprehension in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in particular is primarily based on the reported influence of the All Progressives Congress (APC), which is not only the ruling party in the state but also parading most of the arch political rivals of Senator Mark.
As a result of these, tension is already building up, thus further compounding the already complex political texture of both the senatorial district and the state.

The complexity of the forthcoming Benue South Senatorial District’s re-run election may have been aptly previewed by the strange drama some people re-enacted at the burial ceremony of Ter Mbakor in Wannune, Benue State; As soon as the news of the Court of Appeal’s nullification of the election of former Senate President David Mark was received at the venue of the burial ceremonies, the mourners staged a free-for-all victory dance.

It beats my imagination, why hundreds of Tivs, who attended the burial would easily abandon the funeral rites for a victory dance against Mark.

Nevertheless, statistics has shown that, it is an acrimonious gangup on the idoma nation for the APC to present a kindergarten senator who we are not sure he is a real native of the idoma kidred to represent the people at the hem of affairs.

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