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IMG-20151010-WA007Austine Unom popularly known as Sustain, a soulful artiste who pulls different themes together ranging from salvation (Saves Us) which should be the ultimate goal and priority of every human being to marital sustainability where he talks about “Two Become One” and other soul-lifting tracks which you can find in the album which he titled “Stand Firm in Jesus”.

Other tracks included in this album are:

1. I Will Live

2. Two Become One

3. Saves Us

4. Ngalaba

5. Jesus is Lord among other soul steering tracks.

According to Sustain, “humanity has drifted from the path. And that it’s only in Jesus one can find absolute peace and stability in life.”

Sustain started his music career in the secular world, but while doing that he never had fulfillment until he found his real purpose for living which is where and what he’s doing today to the glory of God’s name. Halleluyah. If you’re yet to find a meaning to your life, you can actually find it, and it’s only in Christ that can be actualized. Download the full album here.


Other Hit Tracks

Two Become One

Saves Us

Jesus is Lord


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