WOWZAPLANET @2: The journey so far

Written by PeterPiper

First year (2015-2016) we started an all photo blog and bridged the gap between photographers and photo lovers where we rate and drop photos of the week and Selfies of the week respectively with church flow, famous birthdays in history, throwback Thursday photos, who wore it better was also a good feature that attracted readers not just in Benue but all over Nigeria. Wowzagist was recognised in less than 6months because of it unique features which was one of a kind in the state and not up to 3 blogs in Nigeria rates state photos.


•Over 500,000 views
•winner:Benue best blog of the year (BYCA)

SECOND YEAR (2016-2017)

Now that wowzagist is recognised, More followers and more readers! We needed a step up! Immediately, the team went on partnership and successfully got 4 massive partners

• James Photography
• Miemietrends
• Shima Photography
• Dave visuals


As wowzagist blog was getting all the necessary  hype because of it’s unique features, WOWZAPLANET which is the main body kicked up with projects

•FACE OF CULTURE (middle belt)

Official team for face of culture pet project which we were able to organize cultural festivals in two great schools in Benue (Kingdom heritage and Temple Gate Academy)

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