Wizkid Reveals how his first collaboration with Drake happened

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Wizkid than we’ve seen since the release of his him since his moderately sopH0more album nearly two years ago. From releasing new singles and videos to interviews, the singer seems to be all over the media.

Recently BBC, Channel4 released the video of their interview with Wizkid confirming what most Nigerians already know about modern Afropop and Wizkid’s place in the progression of renewed global awareness.

A lot of people have attributed his rising profile to international features starting with Drake’s remix to chart topper, “Ojuelegba”, During his interview with Channel 4, Wizkid explains how that came to be.

“Skepta made Ojuelegba remix happen. He Played That To Drake And Was Like: Bro You Need To Get On This. This is like the hottest record right now, and he did” He said.

The Interviewer also asked: So you are huge established star all over the African Continent, What was it like for you working with other established outside of Africa like Tinie Tempah, Drake, Skepta?

“Like you said, i’ve don this.. i’ve been doing this for like 10 years straight by myself, with the help of some friends and stuff. It’s easy for me like just communicating and just being friends with these guys, because before i get in the studio, before i make a record, we have to be friends, we have to talk, we have to communicate. It’s not like, ‘We have this record, please can you just jump on it’. If i don’t know you, No disrespect to anyone out there, but if i don’t feel like we can have a connection on a record and it would sound amazing, i won’t do it. “Skepta is my brother, Skepta has being showing me love from before i even became Wizkid. He made Ojuelegba remix happen, he played it to Drake and was like bro, you need to get on this, and he did. So Skepta is like family. Tinie, I met Tinie like when i had my first single back home in Nigeria, So for me, It’s just organic, it’s nothing first, big shoutout to my friends and everyone showing me support

Despite the short duration of the interview, several topics including how Wizkid’s fame has affected his immediate family were discussed. Wizkid’s Channel 4 appearance is in line was the string of appearances the StarBoy has been making in rumoured preparation for an album release.

Watch the full Wizkid interview below.

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