Very Funny!!! So G-Worldwide Wants Kiss Daniel To Stop Using “Kiss Daniel” As His Stage Name

Written by PeterPiper

Kiss Daniel’s Laywer took this up and replied them according.
Read below:-

According to the Report we got from a reliable source, G-Worldwide management claims Kiss Daniel was only using “Kiss” when they signed him but they advices him to add “Daniel” to it to make it “Kiss Daniel“.

…. and now that his agreement is over with them, Kiss Daniel is not allow to continue using the name – G-worldwide entertainment claims.
Guys, don’t you all think this is a baseless and irrelevant comments from G-worldwide?
Well, Kiss Daniel’s lawyers gave them a very beautify response with their response as see in the Screenshot above.
Kiss only added his own middle name “Daniel” to his previous stage name to make it “Kiss Daniel”.
G-Worldwide, you guys should keep calm and get someone else rather than wasting time on battle you can’t win.
Kiss Daniel is gone!

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