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True Love Story: How Daniel and Maryam Met in Nottinghamshire UK (Must Read)

Written by PeterPiper

My love story:
Daniel and Maryam met in Nottinghamshire UK, where they were both studying.

•HOW WE MET – Maryam

A friend invited me to a house party filled with bilingual Europeans, after a while most people reverted to their native language and fortunately for me Daniel was the only English person around so we ‘stuck’ together.  We instinctively felt comfortable with each other and became close friends with Daniel regularly turning up at my house with cakes, curries etc. just to talk, then one day he asked me to be his girlfriend. However, six months later I had to return to Nigeria.
At this point it would have been easy to end our relationship to avoid the hurt and stress of living at such distance, but Daniel said ‘I am committed to you and we will make this work’.  His unconditional love made me realize how special and blessed I was to have found him.  We kept our relationship alive by sending gifts, going on vacations together and visiting each other when possible whilst communicating constantly via phone. 


Two years after becoming a ‘long distance couple’, I travelled to Gombe for work and Daniel used this opportunity to fly to Nigeria. He fabricated stories about how he was busy at work and that his phone sim-card had been damaged, in order to minimize any suspicion I’d have. After an exhausting road-trip from Gombe, I entered the house unaware that Daniel had gathered my close friends to experience this special moment with me. Immediately when I saw him, I ran out of the house, I kept screaming omg omg what’s happening!!!  He went down on one kneel, flashed this beautiful diamond ring then asked me to make him the proudest ‘oyinbo’ by agreeing to be his wife.  I said yes, that moment solidified #MD2016#

The Joining of this Lovely Couples Comes up on the 12th & 13th February in Makurdi Benue State.

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