Tekno Denies Having Relations With Tanzanian Model; Deletes All Instagram Posts

Written by PeterPiper

Popular singer, Tekno, has found himself in a bit of drama after taking a picture with Tanzanian model, Lulu Elizabeth Michael. He posted the picture on Instagram with the caption, “How Do You See?”

Well the thing is, rumors in Tanzania has it that this model has a pretty bad reputation, a number of her ex lovers have ended up dead. It rumored that because she is cursed, anyone who sleeps with her ends up dead. Where do we come up with these things? Most recently she was investigated in the death of her ex lover, popular actor Steven Kanumba.

Well Tanzanians wasted no time in telling Tekno their thoughts on the comments section, with many writing RIP Tekno under the picture. Talk about having no chill at all. Wow! Lol.

This led Tekno to delete all his pictures from Instagram, unfollow everyone and then put up a post denying anything ever happened.

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