Eva Alordiah’s SCARY New Look You Just Have To See [Photo]

Popular Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah took to her Instagram this morning to shock fans with this new look. 

She shared the Instagram picture with the caption “You guys make me so happy, it is unbelievable!! Thank you so much for all your love and kind words.  Right now I am even more excited than ever about the Free Makeup workshop on July 4th in Lagos! You have no idea the joy that overwhelms me when I have the opportunity to teach makeup. Oohhhh the Joy!  My Love and Kisses to everyone who has registered. You girls have no clue what you have signed up for. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!!!!!”
What do you think of Eva’s look? Would you be interested in taking her class? and most importantly (I really want to hear this one), What was your first expression when you saw the look?

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