Don’t have S3x for fun of it, Eva Alordiah advises ladies

Written by PeterPiper

While she’s keeping her fans waiting for the promised album that seems to be taking her forever she’s busy doing other thing which seems to be giving her some kicks – dishing out relationship tips on her blog! In one of her recent post she advises ladies not to have S3x with someone who isn’t committed to them

“From my heart wrenching, deprecating experiences, I can give you a hundred reasons why you shouldn’t even have S3x with someone who isn’t  committed  to you in the first place but who am I to make that decision for you? Sometimes, I look back in time on a guy from past and I see how I could have benefited from just being his friend and making the most of a friend zone.  Not every man who comes into your life has to end up in your heart and between your legs; just because he got in between your legs doesn’t mean he’s gonna stay in your life.”

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