Domestic Abuse is Way Deeper Than We Think – Toolz Write About Abusive Relationship

Written by PeterPiper

Yesterday news broke about how one Ronke Shonde  was beaten to death by her husband and the father of her two children.

Toolz react to it, this is what she wrote on social media

For such a long time I never understood why people stayed in abusive relationships. After seeing a close friend go through an abusive relationship, and having to visit her in the hospital…I thought the worst thing was having to look at her bloodied face, and trying my best not to cry. No, that wasn’t the worst thing… the worst thing was finding out that she went back to her monster of a boyfriend. I pleaded, tried to reason, and told her he would end up killing her.

It was then I realized that domestic abuse is way deeper than we think. It often starts as mental abuse before the violence starts.Thankfully my friend was able to get out of that situation.

Hearing another story like this breaks my heart. Who will tell her children that daddy killed mummy? Where are his family members? Who knew that she was being physically abused by her husband? Who tried to do something, and who knew and kept quiet ?

If you are going through this, pls get help. If someone feels that they have to lay their hands on you for ANYTHING know that it’s not love…It’s all about control, and it will ALWAYS be.

If your family member or friend is going through this and you tell her to go back. Shame on you! If your daughter is going through this and you tell her to go back, SHAME on you. If you think the SHAME of leaving an abusive marriage is the worst thing in the world, then think about what their children will go through.

If you know someone that’s physically abusing their partner and you do nothing about it…You are also PART of the problem.

May Ronke Shonde  rest in peace, and may her monster of a husband pay dearly for what he did. Prayers for their children.

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