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Written by PeterPiper

Adaji, Victor Owoicho‎

Looking beyond the horizon, far across the hills and borders of our land, there stand our beacon of hope and the essence of our existence. That essence that has been pulled down by the adversaries of our very origin.

When the Groaning and Cries of our beloved Comrades go Unnoticed and our Mothers Watch their Babies crushed before their very eyes and our Fathers Stabbed and Slaughtered by the edge of the Sword on Farm lands of their Forefathers and their Fathers before them, and their blood water the pathway upon which we trod. Then it calls for urgent Attention from well Meaning brothers from all Works of life.

Agatu, a land known for her unique landscape and beauty boast of about 154,000 Sons and Daughters. The Agatu people live on their ancestral lands in Benue State, Nigeria. Most of the People are Subsistence Farmers, growing yams, guinea corns, millet, groundnuts and vegetables. Because many Agatu live along the Benue River, Fishing is also an intergal part of their lives.

The recent Pogrom and Massacre on the Shores of Agatu is a head blow on the entire Idoma nation and Nigeria at large, and until a voice is being heard, until the cries and wailings emerging from the corners of Agatu appeals to the hearts of those with the instrument of Power, no light can or will be seen at the end of the tunnel.

Agatu has been a land so admired for her rare ability to accommodate aliens, wanderers and even the homeless. But if we are to go by recent happenings, it seems that hospitality has become the same rope with which the neck of the good people of Agatu are been tied against the statke. The sweet smelling Savour of brotherhood and friendship has in recent times been polluted by the stinks of blood and rotten urdor of dead Comrades on the shores of Agatu. The normal routine life of peaceful Co-existence can now be comfortably tagged as a relic of a bygone age, if this ungoing genocide is ever taken into consideration.

This new Nigeria where truth depends on who says it, and right and wrong depends on who did it cannot be the answer to the Wailings of the widowed women scattered across the lands and hills of Agatu, the Orphaned children gasping for life at the mercy of fate or even the young maidens deflowered by Infidels on their Farmlands and river banks. A voice with an echo must be heared, hands must be joined in brotherhood and sincerity if this Carnage will sometime be buried in the Sands of time and washed by the wave of days, weeks and months.

That voice with an echo is our voice, those hands that will be joined in love, brotherhood and sincerity are our hands and those knees that will bow to offer prayers on the alter of righteousness are our very kneels.

We Must all join our hands to Sacrifice in tears today, so that we can lend a lasting smile on the beautiful faces of our bruised Comrades. The right time to make this difference is now or never.

Let’s turn up in Mass tomorrow 22nd May at Sheraton Hotels and Towers Abuja and be part of The Agatu Peace Concert, as the Great body of Entertainers, Social and political icons, Spiritual Fathers, Great Sons and Daughters of Idoma assemble to rescue and rebuild Agatu. 

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