All you need to know about the Transition and the New Birth of AGILA CARNIVAL – Prince Edwin Ochai

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The Agila Carnival started about five  years ago. It has since then assumed a sought after status for lovers of culture, tradition , fun, ideas, travels, trends and fashion. 
It is usually held between the 22nd – 25th of December, every year in Agila , Ado LGA followed by a grand finale in the capital city of the Idoma people, Oturkpo, Benue State of Nigeria. 
It draws participants and attendees from across Nigeria. It is the first and only star studded  get together event that conveniently fuses the usually incompatible pair of beauty and brains.
It has attracted notable Nigerian industries , organisations , corporate entities , grounded arts and social personalities. It is a money generating product, a youth empowerment platform and an innovative entrepreneurship project.
Prices for winners  include gift of cars, international scholarship, tour innovation development awards and community peace building networking programmes.
Today , we are transiting the phenomenon from Agila Carnival to Idoma International Carnival with its accompaniments holding  forth in Otukpo, Benue State, otherwise called TEXAS !
The transition to Idoma International Carnival takes certain responsibilities.
The new identity would carry an overall Idoma unity drive and initiative.
The Idoma people have long been involved in the transformation of the Nigerian project to its present level.

Yet our land is besieged by all sort of sub – ethnic infractions, ranging from duplicate complexes , avarice, secluded and  isolated individualism to slave driving mentality of a few privileged or pseudo privileged rental characters. There’s the dire need for us to change all of these.
The Idoma International Carnival aims to attract our best in the arts , sports, fashion, academia, economy, agriculture and business to facilitate common grounds for building a self helping community in addition to government often scarcely resourced programmes.
Otukpo promises to be hotter in December when we will kick – off the Idoma International Carnival . We hope to roll back our forms as an entertainment community even in the face of daunting personal  and group survival methodologies . 

We love our people . We think that we owe Idoma more than it owes us.
So we will soon be unveiling the imprimaturs  of the new face of Agila Carnival turned Idoma International Carnival in Otukpo soonest.
My people, may I humbly implore you to join us as as we host the world in this special event aimed at promoting our promises, hope and enduring legacies of growth.
Please, join us in this promising journey.

Prince Edwin Ochai


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