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THE BENUE CYPHER 2017 (War Against Social Vices)

The relevance of music whether Rap or any Genre can not be over emphasized, as its instrumental to nation building and youth developmental engagement platform. Music consoles the mind and society even when things fall apart. The sole aim to the birth of #benuecypher is to give birth to an industrious, passionate, engaging and vibrant youths in the food state of the nation.  Themed, Uniting the Food basket state through Music. 
The Benue Cypher is a music project that featuresl Seven of Benue’s finest music acts who will come together to work on a single song that can easily become the street anthem of the Benue Youth.
It is no secret that a lot of social vices have taken over the place of industrious productive activities and entrepreneurship in Benue and this has led to low productivity from the youth.

In as much as this is going on, we must not keep quiet, we must take a stand and remind ourselves that there is room for creativity and that if we work together, we can indeed achieve more. 
It is out of this desire to see a better Benue that the Benue Cypher 2017 is born and because the government is one that is interested in the youth, we desire to partner with the government to actualise this project. 

In the Cypher, every artist will have a message in his verse. There would therefore be Seven messages that will touch areas like Cultism, Armed Robbery, Pr0stitution, Drug abuse amongst several other vices. 
Not only will this Cypher launch a war against Social Vices but it will also project the artists in their individual rights as stars and consequently project the state in a good light.
The Youth are the future of the state and  this is why now more than ever, there is a dire need to correct and sensitize these young minds.

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