2face needs to cut down on drinking & start mentoring younger acts – Ali Baba

Written by PeterPiper

Nigerian king of comedy, Ali Baba has outlined 4 things 2face Idibia needs to stop doing now that he is 40.

In an exclusive chat with an Online body, Ali Baba who gave the reveiw of 2face’s biography, ‘A Very Good Bad Guy’ said he will be advising 2face on these things which are apparently germane.

Here are 4 punchlines from the advice.

1. 2face has to cut down on drinking.
2. 2face has to stop trying to indoctrinate me into the club of drinkers.
3. He needs to start living as a legend.
4. He needs to start mentoring younger acts just as Usher is credited for Justin Bieber.

This are four major facts by Ali Baba.. He needs to work on this. The Benue Upcoming acts are not happy with 2baba at all as he always promises and it turns the other way round.

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