Photos From Japan’s Annual P.enis Festival

Written by PeterPiper

Have you heard about the annual p,enis festival in Japan?

This year’s edition was celebrated  and it was all fun and excitement. The p.enis festival is said to be one of the most popular festivals in Japan, and it is to celebrate the vital importance of p.enis in the society.

The festival is said to be the time for everyone to experience s.ex at least once in a year, even for singles. Even Pr0stitutes provide free s.ex just to honour the ‘great p,enis’.

On April 3, hundreds of local were out on the streets of Kawasaki in Japan, with three giant phalluses, some as big as a full-grown man, just to give kudos to the ‘great p.enis’. Lol

The p.enis festival, also known as the Festival of the Steel Phallus or ‘Willy Festival, takes place every year and attracts tens of thousands of people.

Souvenirs from the festival include key chains, trinkets, pens, chocolates and even toy glasses with a plastic p.enis nose.

More photos below:

Would you love to attend?

Credit : Naij

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